Deposits for 1 to 12 months. Interest accrual from 0.2% to 0.5% daily!

by 30 Nov,2020


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Just imagine earning daily interest that accumulates on your balance, getting an automatic passive income every day while you sleep or doing your favorite activities!


Payment of deposit:


You receive daily interest on the deposit for the entire term, and the body of the deposit is paid at the end of the term. Both the interest and the deposit itself are transferred to your internal balance, which you will see reflected in your account. You can withdraw the money from the balance to your personal e-wallet, or reinvest, and continue to make more deposits for more profit!



How to make a deposit?


1) Create a new account.

2) Log in to your personal account.

3) In your personal account click "Make a deposit".

4) Choose a payment system and deposit term.

5) Enter deposit amount.


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